Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Progression...In Pictures

When we first started the blog, we were concerned about sharing too many details.  There are some details that we will keep within our family at this time.  We want our dad to be able to maintain dignity.  We debated if we would share the "bad" pictures.  This is not the man we want others to know, or remember.  We decided we would share this one post with pictures, so others could see that this isn't only a brain atrophy, but it effects the entire body.

In his favorite element..with a grandchild on his shoulder
Before Diagnosis  -  December 2006

Making memories on an Alaskan Cruise

Making more memories at Niagra Falls, and then on to Gettysburg for the History nut!
September 2012

Cuddling with Bethany after his first rough hospital visit
A month before being admitted to an Assisted Living Facility
July 2013

One Month of living in an Assisted Living Facility
September 2013

Dan, Kerry, and baby Ligon
This was the first time he didn't recognize Kerry
October 2013

December 2013

Happy 69th Birthday!
January 2014

Not feeling well.  Lacking sleep.  Leaning to the side.
July 2014

He paces a lot, and likes to push a wheelchair, but his caregivers felt that a walker would make him more stable.  He usually feels the need to push something.

He began hunching over, and when he is tired he leans to one side, or even forward, or arches his back.  It must be very uncomfortable.

August 2014

Hunched posture is typical now.  His eyes are glazed over.

It's hard to tell what he actually sees.

December 2014

If we can get him to sit, and rub his chest or his face, 
he will sometimes go to sleep for a little while.
Christmas Party
December 2014

This isn't dad anymore...this is Alzheimer's...

Please take a moment and look back at the first picture.  That was dad.
That is who we want you to remember.
And then...take a moment to pray for our dad...for your loved ones...
for the families who are enduring this disease.

You may also leave a comment and we will pray for you!


  1. Ginger, Danny, Dana and Kerry, thank you for sharing this info and pictures. Just know that you have a God that loves your dad and husband more than you can imagine and that He is loving him even now. We will continue to pray for him and you. We love your family and appreciate your steadfastness in this trial.

    1. Thank you, Michael! We really appreciate your prayers for dad, and love for our family.

  2. The visual of Alzheimer's is just heartbreaking. I am my mother-in-law, Betty's caregiver. Lifting you all in prayer!

    1. Prayers for you as you take care of your mother-in-law. Being a caregiver may be the toughest job in the world. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. This is so dear. Thank you for your wide-open arms and spirit that surrounds this series of photos. Your dear husband is an angel inside, and it shines out when it can. With much love to you and your family, Tryn Rose

    1. Thank you, Tryn! We love him so much, and know that God loves him even more!

  4. So glad to see these pictures and the progression--he is very lucky to have such a supportive family.